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We provide treatment for a wide variety of endocrine disorders. Check out our specialties below, and please contact us if you think we could help you.

Diabetes Treatment

As experts in Diabetes, we provide care for the full range of diabetes disorders including Type 1, Latent Autoimmune Diabetes (LADA), Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young (MODY), Type 2, Gestational Diabetes, Steroid induced Diabetes.

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Thyroid Disorders

Colorado Endocrinology provides comprehensive care for patients with thyroid disorders. This includes thyroid nodules, goiter, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, toxic nodules, Graves disease, postpartum thyroiditis, hypothyroidism affecting pregnancy and thyroid cancer.

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Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Parathyroid glands are tiny, pea shaped glands that are situated behind each pole of the thyroid gland. Most individuals have 4 of these. These glands make parathyroid hormone that controls calcium levels in the body. Primary hyperparathyroidism is a condition when one of these glands becomes overactive. This causes bone calcium to be released into the blood and blood calcium to be elevated. Over time, this can result in osteoporosis, decline in kidney function and kidney stones. Women are more likely than men to have this condition. Surgery is an option to remove the diseased gland based on age, test results, signs and symptoms and bone health.

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This literary means “Porous Bone”. It could be because of bone loss or low bone formation or both. This condition is more common in postmenopausal women (one in 2 women above age 50) but can also be seen in men (one in four men above age 50) and predisposes them to fractures. Multiple therapy options in addition to calcium and Vitamin D are available to reduce the risk of fracture from osteoporosis.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition associated with increased ovarian androgen (male hormone) production and the most common cause of infertility in young women. It is also associated with increased risk of type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as endometrial cancer. Medical therapy in conjunction with lifestyle modifications is the crux of management of PCOS.

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Hypogonadism is a condition which involves low production of Testosterone in males. The causes could be multifactorial from deficiency of signals coming from the pituitary gland or testicular failure. The initial step in the management of this condition is accurate diagnosis which will assist in implementing the correct treatment options.

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Adrenal Disorders

Adrenal glands are hormonal glands that are located on top of the kidneys. Everyone has 2 adrenal glands one at each pole of the kidney. Adrenal glands make hormones that regulate blood pressure and Androgens (sex steroids). Lumps in the adrenal glands can be tumors or growth that could be primarily arising from the adrenal glands or spread from cancers from other organs. Non-cancerous adrenal tumors are more common than cancerous adrenal tumors. Adrenal tumors could result in excess production of catecholamines, aldosterone, cortisol or androgens. Addisons disease is an autoimmune condition that causes adrenal insufficiency from destruction of cortisol producing cells in the adrenal glands. This requires lifelong therapy with steroids.

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Pituitary Disorders

Pituitary gland is the master gland located at the base of the brain that controls all the hormonal glands in the body like thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testes, milk production during lactation and growth during puberty. Pituitary can also form tumors or growth that can cause overproduction or destruction and under production of pituitary hormones.

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At Colorado Endocrinology we believe that each patient is unique. Because of this we listen to our patients, and use a team approach to determine the optimal personalized treatment. How can we help?

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